Sunday, 7 May 2017

Good Luck🍀

Hi Guys, just a quick post today.

Exams have now started where I'm from so I just thought id give you a little talkative post.

I want you all to know, all you have to do in your exams is try your hardest! DO NOT STRESS! Exam results are not the end of the world and even though it may seem like it just now, you will look back afterwards and regret making yourself stressed over little things, if you just take all the study advice we have given you, if you know you have studied your hardest for the past month then you have nothing to worry about. whatever result you come out with at the end of the exam, you have worked hard for it, even if it is not as good as you hoped for, you tried your best, and that's all that counts!!

Good Luck Fellow Petals!

Be Kind and have Courage- XOXO Courage

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