Sunday, 24 April 2016

Spectacular Skincare👼🏼

Hi Everyone!!

So today i thought i would go down the skincare road as i have found two things in particular that really stand out to me as being good, staple stages in my skincare routine. I have very dry skin and i have only really had a problem with it in the last couple of months, and have never (until now) found products that could conquer it.

The first thing i have found is the Liz Earle cleanse and polish hot cloth cleanser
I know everyone goes on and on about this but it is honestly a miricle worker. It takes off your makeup and polishes your skin to perfection, all you have to do is-
  1. Squirt one to two pumps of the product on to your hand and massage it into your skin.
  2. Then run a muslin cloth (which comes with the product) under warm water and wipe it off your face
It is a bit pricey at £15.50 but it is honestly worth it!!

The second thing i found is the Garnier Moisturise + Nourish dry to very dry skin daily rich moisturiser
This makes my skin so soft and it gives it more moisture and it definitely conquers the dryness as i have been using it for a couple of weeks now and i have seen a lot of improvement. You just apply it after your cleanser and you are all set. it is £3.99 so it is very affordable for anyone who is looking for a good moisturiser who is on a budget!
it also comes in an oily skin formula and a combination skin formula so its perfect for everyone!

These products have slid there way into my skincare routine as they work amazingly! I think if you are looking for a new cleanser and moisturiser these will do the trick!!

I hope this helped you to find some new skincare products that you could consider having a look at.
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Be Kind and have Courage- xo Courage

Sunday, 17 April 2016

Matte Madness!

Hi guys! Welcome back to our blog. Today I have an exciting post for you, I'm going to be telling you about a couple of my favourite matte lipsticks. Both of them are from MAC but I'm sure you can get great duplicates from the drugstore.

I love a good quality matte lipstick. I have tried a fair few but MAC's have been the ones to stand out to me. I have chosen my two absolute favourite, MEHR and PLEASE ME from MAC.

Mehr is a very pretty berry colour that is very versatile and looks great on every skin tone. It creates a 'your lips but better' effect. The staying power is brilliant, it lasts all day even when eating or drinking. This lipstick is perfect for Autumn and Winter as it is a warm colour. Many matte lipsticks are drying and make your lips chapped but this lipstick certainly does not.

Please Me is a bright but natural pink lipstick and would look great on every skin tone. The staying power is incredible (I would say it lasts even better than Mehr). This lipstick is a super Spring/Summer colour and again it's not drying at all.

Even although these lipsticks are on the slightly more pricey side (£15.50) these lipsticks are fantastic and definitely worth it if you are an absolute lipstick junkie or just looking for a new lipstick and love a matte finish. I hope this helped you pick the right lipstick for you. If there are any posts you would like us to do please leave a comment.



Be kind and have courage - Advice xo

Sunday, 10 April 2016


Hi everyone!!

Welcome to our blog. On this we will review products, beauty or not. Our reviews will be a mixture of drugstore and high end products, ranging in price and category. We will review products such as skincare, nails, bath and make-up.

On this blog there are 2 of us posting, we will swap around each week. We will be going by the names of Advice and Courage as we would like to stay anonymous and we hope you will respect our privacy.

We will try to upload once a week, it will be a Sunday at whatever time we can. Please don't be upset or angry if we don't post as we are still in school and our school work is our priority.

Hope you are all as excited for our content as we are.

Be kind and have courage xo - Advice and Courage