Sunday, 29 January 2017

Soap and Glory Wonderland💆🏼

Hi everyone, Firstly id like to say HAPPY VALENTINES DAY, whether your in a relationship or not i hope you have a wonderful day!! Secondly, today I'm going to show you the Soap and glory "the whole glam lot" product case with 10 amazing products in it!!

In this wonderful kit you get:

  1. Sugar Crush Body wash - Body wash/ shower gel 
  2. Hand Food - Hand Cream
  3. The Righteous Butter - Body Butter
  4. Hand Maid - Hand Sanitiser
  5. Speed Plump - Face Moisturiser for dry skin
  6. Scrub of your Life - Body Scrub
  7. Smoothy Star - Body milk/lotion
  8. Soap and Clarity - Vitamin C Face Wash
  9. Thick and Fast - Mascara
  10. Sexy MotherPucker - Lipgloss
This whole kit cos me £30 in January but unfortunately it was on sale at the time and possibly could be £60.

This is a brilliant valentines gift or any of these products individually as linked above!!

Be kind and have courage- xoxo Courage

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Planning and Organising!

In 2017, which is scarily nearing, I am going to become more organised and I thought I'd bring you along and show and tell you how I am going to do it and my steps to achieving success.

I haven't got round to buying one yet but I am planning to. I'm going to pin or magnet notes, important tasks, lists and quotes.

I am 100% buying a planner separate from my school one to note special date and events.

Pens and Notebooks
Just to have cute notes. Enough said.

I will use this for visually planning and checking what I'm doing every time I walk past it.

Zoella Post-it Pack
This is going to be amazing for planning my weeks out and pinning to my corkboard and calendar. This also looks great with the copper foil and grey cover with marble effect post-its.

 I hope this post gave you some organization inspiration!

Be Kind and Have Courage - Advice xoxo

Sunday, 8 January 2017

2017 Goals!🍀

Hi everyone so for today's post I thought I'd share with you some of my goals for 2017 and how I am going to try and reach them by the end of the year!
Remember... don't set unrealistic goals, you want to set easy..ish goals that buy the end of the year you will have completed them and then feel good about yourself!

1. Be organised

   I tend to set this goal every year but I feel this year with all my exams for school and other activities I feel like I can achieve this goal
   This year to make sure I continue to stay organised throughout the year is by doing a bullet journal! If you have never heard of a bullet journal it is simply where you get a plain journal/notebook with plain paper (no lines) and you let your imagination run wild! It's basically like a diary but a lot more creative and I feel this will be good for me as I am very creative so I think I will get on well with it this year!
Here is a link to a journal - BUY IT

2. Get outside more

    I've set this goal as I think I'm far to engrossed on what's on tv or what's on my phone rather than going walks and seeing the world in a different perspective! This also helps with my next  goal I'm going to share with you!

3. Try and eat healthy and get fit

     Now I know this is everyone's goal and it doesn't usually end up happening but this year I think I will achieve this by not setting an image in my head of who/what I want to look like! As long as by the end of 2017 I feel good about myself and know I tried hard then that's all that matters

4. Stay positive

    This year I am hoping to keep a positive mindset and mostly.. to not care what anyone else says! If I want to do something then I will! This year I mostly want to be myself!

I hope you all have an amazing 2017!!!!!

Be kind and have courage- xoxo Courage