Sunday, 10 April 2016


Hi everyone!!

Welcome to our blog. On this we will review products, beauty or not. Our reviews will be a mixture of drugstore and high end products, ranging in price and category. We will review products such as skincare, nails, bath and make-up.

On this blog there are 2 of us posting, we will swap around each week. We will be going by the names of Advice and Courage as we would like to stay anonymous and we hope you will respect our privacy.

We will try to upload once a week, it will be a Sunday at whatever time we can. Please don't be upset or angry if we don't post as we are still in school and our school work is our priority.

Hope you are all as excited for our content as we are.

Be kind and have courage xo - Advice and Courage


Unknown said...

Can't wait for your blog to blossom xo

Anonymous said...

can't wait to here about your fave things every week, i love finding a new blog!!!