Sunday, 29 May 2016

Marc Jacobs Perfume Collection!

Hi everyone, I am so sorry this blog is quite overdue but school has been hectic recently so I apologise.

Today I thought that I would share my Marc Jacobs perfume collection. Marc Jacobs is a well-know brand mostly for it's fashion and perfume ranges, it is an extremely luxurious brand but if you have some money burning a hole in your pocket, buying a gift for someone or just fancy treating yourself, I highly recommend these products.



This is my 100% all time favourite perfume. Not only is its smell gorgeous but it reminds me of times when I have worn it, so it is very nostalgic for me. It smells like a mixture of floral and musky, a typical girly scent and perfect for all year round. Also, the packaging is beautiful (it kind of reminds me of a tiny wedding dress wrapped round a bottle) and looks great sitting on your dressing table or on a shelf in your room. This perfume lasts all day and is perfect for parties when you dance a lot because you can guarantee that you will still be smelling fresh at the end of the night. I have almost ran out of this perfume but I will definitely be buying it again.


This perfume has such a beautiful girly, musky scent perfect for Autumn and Winter as it smells very warming and cosy as it is quite musky. The packaging of this perfume is once again stunning but is very extravagant and takes up a lot of space therefore it is not very travel friendly. I love this perfume and always get compliments when i wear it. It lasts all day even through a full day of school.


Daisy is an extremely floral scent as you can probably tell by the name since it is named after a flower. This would be absolutely perfect for a gift for someone and smells different on everyones skin. Again, this lid is so pretty and elegant. This perfume lasts all day through school even with a period of PE.


This perfume is actually part of the 'blush' range. As you can probably tell by looking at the picture it is the same packaging as Daisy except the flowers on the lid are two tones of pink. Despite the similarities to the packaging of Daisy, this smells completely different. It is more citrus and sour with a musky undertone. I have only got this perfume from the 'blush' range, I also believe that the range is limited addition but I shall be buying one or two more from the range fairly soon.

Obviously, these perfumes are luxuries and you definitely do not have to spend that amount of money on perfumes to smell great. I will say that these perfumes do last longer than any other perfume I own. As you can imagine it is very hard to describe scents so if you really want to have a good sniff at them then just pop into your closest Debenhams and sniff away.
Be kind and have courage- Advice xo

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