Sunday, 1 May 2016

School organisation!

Hi everyone! We are really sorry this is going up later than usual. Today I have 8 tips to help you stay organised for school, as both of us are still at school it made sense for us to share our tips with you. I know this is a pretty boring subject but personally I am always looking for tips to stay organised for school and I would say that I am quite an organised person so hopefully these tips will help you become the most organised person that you can possibly be!

1. Pack the night before

If you pack your bag the night before with all the subject that you need for the next day. Not only are you being organised and prepared but you are also saving yourself time in the morning so that you can have an extra 5 minutes with your head on your pillow.

2. Lay out your clothes the night before

If you lay out your clothes the night before along with your bag you will be saving even more time in the morning because you won't have to deal with the stress of picking your outfit or uniform.

3. Have a shower the night before

This blog post might as well be called 'how to save time in the morning'. Seriously thought, if you want more time in the morning then these are the tips for you! If you have a shower at night and do your hair then you can have another 20/30 minutes in bed and who doesn't want more sleep.

4. Keep a diary for homework

If your teacher gives you any homework the first thing you should do is whip out your diary and jott it down for the date that it is due. Check your diary every night and highlight it when you have completed the task.

5. Keep a notebook in your bag

Always keep a notebook in your bag for school in case your teacher asks you to take notes or remember some facts or figures.

6. Stock up your pencil case

Keep your pencil case stocked and carry extra. You will always get that 1 person in your class who will ask for a pencil or rubber and won't give it back so I always carry extra (or you could ask for it back or say no in the first place).

7. Keep all your supplies in one place

Use this tip simply so that you don't lose your subjects or supplies. Take a shelf or cupboard just for your school things.

8. Take some time out of your day

If you have homework, start doing it as soon as you step in the door before you even glance at your phone, do your homework! This way, once you have done it you have the full night to yourself.

Those are some of my school tips, I hope they helped you. I know that some of them are fairly self-explanatory but they will help you I can garuntee. If you have any posts you would like us to do please leave a comment and we will do them.

Be kind and have courage- Advice xo

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