Sunday, 31 July 2016

All The Moisture!

Hi everyone! Today I thought I would share my favourite all round body moisturisers from lips to body to hands. I have had and used all of these products for a very long time therefore I have fully tested there abilities and I am going to tell you all about them.

The Body Shop - Pinita Colada Body Sorbet
This is called a body sorbet but I just call it a moisturiser because I assume they basically do the same thing. Not only does this have the most amazing scent of fresh pineapple and coconut but this is an absolute dream to apply to the skin. This product is so smooth and immediately cooling. I took this on holiday with me and now that I'm back, when I smell it I feel like I am on holiday all over again. It soaks into the skin perfectly and makes your skin feel extremely smooth. I am almost finished this bottle and I am definitely going to buy another one. Also, this bottle lasts forever as you don't have to use much of the product to get an affect.
The Body Shop - Strawberry Hand Cream
This product is incredible. It smells of amazing strawberries and makes your hands feel silky soft and the scent lasts for hours. Again with this product you only have to use a small amount for an affect so the tube will last quite a long time. The only issue I have with the packaging is the lid, the lid is very small and hard which sometimes makes it difficult when opening and closing but this is a small problem that I can overlook for the great product.
Vaseline - Cocoa Butter Lip Therapy
I have used this product for years now. Throughout the 5 years of using this I can safely say that my lips have never been chapped. I smother my lips in this every night and wherever I go this Vaseline comes with me no matter what. Another thing is that this tiny tin of joy lasts FOREVER! As I use a lot of matte lip products they can sometimes be very drying but Vaseline always helps me keep my lips in top condition at all times.
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