Sunday, 20 November 2016

Enchanted Garden!

Hi guys!

Today is a bit of a different post but still on the seasonal topic of Autumn, so recently I went on a weekend break with my family. We have always went to this place on the September weekend, ever since I was born I have been their every year without fail. So again this year we went our usual walk around the shops and beach except this year I found this amazing garden. I had never seen this place before, which is strange because its quite hard to miss.

This patch of garden had the most amazing array of autumn colours as you will see in a moment. Right in the centre of the garden there was a mini beast mansion, if you don't know what that is, its basically a crate filled with sticks, stones, hay/straw which makes the best living environment for all types of mini beasts, it is really easy to make and I highly recommend you make one, it doesn't have to be huge, even if it's just a pile of sticks at the side of your house it still gives a little bug a home for the winter months.

Moving on from saving the mini beasts. I got some pictures of some of my favourite flowers so here they are. I hope you enjoy the beautiful colours as much as I did.

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