Sunday, 2 October 2016

5 Songs I Have Been LovingšŸŽ§

Hi everyone, so today i thought i would share with you my 3 favourite songs that i have been listening to a lot from the charts at the moment!

1. The Greatest - Sia
Sia is one of my favourite artists and her songs are always a favourite of mine but especially this one, it has so much meaning to it and i just love it!

2. Millionaire - Digital Animal Farm
This song is such an up beat and happy song that just puts me in a better mood when i listen to it.

3. Closer - Chainsmokers
I'm sure everyone has heard this song more than they would have hoped for but it is still one of my faves as i just can't help but put it on when i play music, its so catchy!

4. Let me Love you - Justin Bieber
This song is such a good getting ready song, it just puts me in a happy mood and to be honest, any of Justin's songs makes me in a better mood!

5. Toothbrush - DNCE
I personally love this song as it has such a catchy chorus to it, i just simply love it!

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Be Kind and have Courage- xoxo Courage 

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