Sunday, 9 October 2016

Autumn Home Wishlist!

Hi guys! Today I'm going to share my Autumn home wishlist with you. These are just some homey cosy touches that you can add to your home to make it more comfortable.

Cosy Blankets

Why would you not have cosy blankets lying on all your couches and beds. When it's cold out and you have popcorn, hot chocolate and a movie the last element you need to make that the perfect day is a cosy blanket. I love blankets, you can also get them really cheap from shops like Primark but you can also get more expensive ones from shops like next and Debenhams.

Fluffy Pillows

Again why would you not. So cosy. So fluffy. So autumnal. So fetch (lol)


Candles are ones of my most favourite things about the cosy side of the year. You can get the most incredible scented candles ever. My favourite scents are cinnamon, ginger, any warm spices, gingerbread, baby powder.

Seasonal Flowers

It is really lovely to have a bouquet of flowers sitting in your living room or dining room. There are some really nice flowers for this season like sunflowers, carnations and camellia's. Most people associate flowers with Spring and Summer but you gotta love them Pastel Petals in the Autumn time (pardon the pun).

Carved Pumpkin

This decoration is more Halloween based but it is a nice DIY to do with family and friends and is affordable. You can buy pumpkins from supermarkets starting from 50p. I had actually never carved a pumpkin until last year but I loved it. You can use cookie cutters or just a knife to cut shapes out but either way, stick on some tunes and get your hands dirty.

Fairy Lights

These add a great glow to a room and creates a really calm environment. You could hang them above your bed or lay them on top of your mantelpiece. Wherever you put them they will look gorgeous and put you in a feel good mood.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Leave a comment telling us your Autumn home wishlist.

Be Kind and Have Courage - Advice xoxo

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