Sunday, 23 October 2016

Kylie Kollection!

Hi guys! I hope you guys are having a lovely day. Today I thought some of you might enjoy a post steering away from our Autumn posts so I thought I would share my recent Kylie Cosmetics purchases. I know a lot of you will be fed up of hearing about Kylie Cosmetics all over social media but for those of you who are make-up junkies, here you go!
Disclaimer Alert: I am not bragging in any way, shape or form. I bought everything with my own money and I am simply sharing my opinions.
First of all I’m going to give you some background information about my order, I bought 3 single liquid lipsticks (Koko K, Candy K and Exposed) as I don’t use lip liners. I ordered directly from the Kylie cosmetics. My order came to £41.67 but I had to pay £12 delivery, I then had to pay a further £15.65 for customs which meant overall I spent £69.32 on 3 liquid lipsticks which personally, I don’t think it was worth it. My order took around 2-3 weeks to arrive. It was delivered in the Kylie box along with a cushion wrap and it came with the card that she had written a message on which was a nice personal touch from herself.
I bought Koko K, Candy K and Exposed. I have a love hate relationship with these liquid lipsticks. First I’m going to tell you about why I love them. One reason why I love them is the fact that they are really pigmented, another thing is that I don’t find them drying to my lips at all. On the other hand sometimes I find them really thick and uncomfortable, also whenever a picture is taken with a flash when you are wearing any of these colours they go much paler and go a weird colour. That is the only thing I can fault about these products but for the price I paid I am not going to stop wearing them as I don’t like wasting money and hopefully I will get used to the uncomfortable feeling and pray that no one takes a picture of me when wearing them (lol).

I will say that these are very opaque and you do not have to use a lot of product for a great matte effect. No words can explain how long lasting these are, I can apply it in the morning, go to school, do PE, have a snack and lunch along with a drink, I then come home and have my dinner and it still looks like I have just applied it. So from 8am to around 8pm that is a superpower.
Now I’m just going to share some photos of the packaging and swatches.
Candy K
Koko K


Card from Kylie

Left to Right: Koko K, Candy K, Exposed

I hope you enjoyed this post. Please leave a comment telling me what your favourite lip product is.

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