Sunday, 30 October 2016


Hi Everyone so since tomorrow is halloween i thought i would share some things i personally like to do on this spooky autumnal day.

Pumpkin Carving

I always like to get a fresh pumpkin from the shops and create a goolish design to sit on my dresser.
BE CREATIVE! Go nuts with your creative skills and carve a spectacular pumpkin!

Trick or Treat

Everyone loves to get loads of sweets to eat at this time of year! Go all out and get a creative way to store your sweets so no one can find them #SecretStash. And remember, always tell a joke or you won't get any sweets!

Dress up

I usually go for something quite plain and simple like a good old cat or a witch. If your in the Halloween spirit you could go all the way and get creative and make your own costume! Or if your not so creative you can pick up cheap and easy costumes at places like Asda and Tesco.


This year i haven't went to extravegant with my decor and have only opted for a few bits and bobs to spice up my room, here are a few of my decorations - 
  •  Glitter Pumpkin- Asda (£1) 

  • "BOO" Sign- John Lewis (£8)

  • Ghost Fairy Lights- Asda (£3)

  • "HAPPY HALLOWEEN" sign- Asda (£2)

I hope everyone liked this post, and HAPPY HALLOWEEN, hope everyone has a great day and be safe!

Be Kind and have Courage- xoxo Courage

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