Sunday, 15 January 2017

Planning and Organising!

In 2017, which is scarily nearing, I am going to become more organised and I thought I'd bring you along and show and tell you how I am going to do it and my steps to achieving success.

I haven't got round to buying one yet but I am planning to. I'm going to pin or magnet notes, important tasks, lists and quotes.

I am 100% buying a planner separate from my school one to note special date and events.

Pens and Notebooks
Just to have cute notes. Enough said.

I will use this for visually planning and checking what I'm doing every time I walk past it.

Zoella Post-it Pack
This is going to be amazing for planning my weeks out and pinning to my corkboard and calendar. This also looks great with the copper foil and grey cover with marble effect post-its.

 I hope this post gave you some organization inspiration!

Be Kind and Have Courage - Advice xoxo

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