Sunday, 5 February 2017

Bedside Essentials!

Hi guys! Today I thought i'd share with you my bedside essentials, these are just a few products that always stay in my bedside drawer. I hope you enjoy!

My personal favourite is Vaseline. I apply a thick layer of lipbalm every night for soft and plump lips. This is a lifesaver at this time of the year as the cold weather makes my lips go dry.
Hand Cream
Recently I have started using the Dove regenerating nourishment hand cream. Again this is definitely a must have since my hands constantly dry up during the cold months.
Foot Cream
I have been loving the Soap and Glory heel genius foot cream. I use this before bed and just slip on fluffy socks.
Spot Treatment
I suffer from really bad breakouts so I find it helps to apply a treatment to sleep with it on. I recently bought the Witch blemish stick which is super affordable and works wonders.
Sleep Spray
I sometimes struggle to sleep so I've been using the Avon planet spa sleep serenity pillow mist. This contains Camomile and Lavender which are very calming scents an I have found that I've been having much better sleeps when I use this.
This is really necessary especially if you are prone to a dry mouth during the night.
So that's all I keep beside my bed. I hope you enjoyed this post. Leave a comment below of any posts you would like us to do.
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