Sunday, 12 February 2017

Top Tips for studying

Hi everyone! So today I thought since exams are right around the corner I would share some of my favourite ways to study!

Tip No.1

Make study notes on plain paper or post-it-notes and stick them all around your room then when you are going past them, take a look at them then they will ease into ur memory every time you go by, I find this really useful!! My room is literally covered in colourful study notes lol
⭐️ Also make the writing or paper colourful so it won't slip your eye when you go past

Tip No.2 

Make flash cards and read them every night just before you go to sleep, this is scientifically proven to  make you remember things way more, to look or read it just before bed
⭐️ I like to use white flash cards with colourful pens to make studying a bit more fun

Tip No.3

Condense all of your notes gathered from either at school or from other sources, and get a plain subject folder with poly pockets and make a studying booklet to help you memorise, i prefer to do 1 booklet with all mind maps as that is how i learn best, and i also do 1 book with questions and answers according to my notes.
⭐️ I like to be colourful too and use all sorts of pens and highlighters when doing this method.

Tip No .4

Make a study plan, just put all your subjects on a piece of paper then plan out what ones you need to study at specific times then make a timetable of what subjects you are going to study each night
⭐️ I like to study a subject for one and a half hours at a time, I just find this is the right amount of time for me.

Here are some useful study bits and bobs that you might find useful-

⭐️ NEVER leave it till the last minute to study, always start studying in advance to give you a better
 chance of memorising everything ⭐️

i hope this gave you some tips and tricks to study!! GOOD LUCK!!

Be kind and have Courage- xoxo Courage

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