Sunday, 26 March 2017

Do's and Dont's For Study✅

Hi everyone so today I'm going to simply tell you what i think are the Do's and Dont's of studying.


  • Have a clear space to study
  • Keep your phone switched off therefor you won't get distracted
  • Make a study Timetable
  • Leave at least 1 week before a test to study
  • Stay organised
  • Have regular 15 minute breaks
  • Have a positive mindset


  • Dont stress, the more you stress, the less goes into your head
  • Start studying the night before a test
  • Study in a place where you normally relax
  • Study after 10pm at night
  • Do more than 2 hours of studying at a time
  • Think you have to study at the same time just because someone else is

Be Kind and have Courage - XOXO Courage

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