Sunday, 19 March 2017

Successful Studying!

Hi guys! Today as part of our study series I thought I'd share some tips for successful studying.

Tip 1 - Good Environment

Make sure you are in a room that's not too hot, or else you'll fall asleep, or too cold, because you'll be shivering. So the room has to be at a perfect temperature. Turn your phone off or put it in another room so that you have no distractions

Tip 2 - Supplies

Collect everything that you might need, post-its, notepads, pens, paperclips. Just make sure that everything is at hand if you ever need it so that you don't have to keep moving to go and get things.

Tip 3 - Candles

These aren't necessary but they keep a chilled, relaxed mood to stop you from stressing out too much.

Tip 4 - Set a timer

Time your self for an hour then have a ten minute break so that you don't go crazy with studying all the time. This also gives your brain time to process the information.

Tip 5 - Food/Drink

This ties in with the second tip but if you have a drink and some sort of snack you will be less likely to leave your study space, or you could just snack during your break.

Tip 6 - Make a study plan

I made a weekly plan so that I study a different subject every night of the week but I also have a day off because you need time to socialise.

I hope this helped you prepare for your exams!

Be Kind and Have Courage - Advice xoxo

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