Sunday, 5 March 2017

Study Methods!

Hi guys! So as exams are very close for us and possibly some of you guys, I thought I would share some ways that you can study. Everyone studies in different ways and I've tried to put in something for everyone. I wish you all the best of luck for your exams, whenever they are. I hope you enjoy our study series.

1. Flashcards
So these are pretty simple to make and make for effective studying. You can buy flashcards but you can also cut up paper and make your own, you could even make them on your computer. There are also apps that you can use to make flashcards which will always be on your phone. My favourite flashcards app is called Chegg. I'm not going to say anymore because flashcards are quite self-explanatory.
2. Study Booklet
This is really simple. Write out all the main facts you need to know in one booklet. Use colourful paper, pens and you could even put stickers on it to help you remember it.
3. Record yourself
Once you've written out the booklet of information you need to know you can use the voice recorder app on your phone to record yourself reading out the information. You can listen to the recording around the house, in the bath, while doing your makeup, on the bus to school or just before your exam.
4. Mind Maps
Everyone knows what a mind map is. You can stick these on your bedroom walls or next to your mirror so that you can read them when you are getting dressed or doing your makeup.
5. Post-it notes
Put formulas or quotes on them and stick them on your mirror or next to your light switch and look at them every time you walk past it.
6. Use colour
I can't recommend this enough! Use colour for everything. Use coloured pens, fineliners, paper, notebooks, paper clips, elastic bands, EVERYTHING HAS TO BE COLOURED! Trust me it will help you remember things so much better than having everything written on white paper with black pen.
I hope this helped you! Good luck studying!
Be Kind and Have Courage - Advice xoxo

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