Sunday, 12 March 2017

Stage Step Study🎒

Hi everyone, So since Exams are very soon i thought from now until then i would do a series or studying posts to get you all in the mood for studying at this time of the year.
Studying is very universal, some studying methods just don't work for certain people.

Over the past couple of months i have comfortably found a studying method that constantly works for me in order to memorise everything i need to memorise for certain subjects, so today i though i would share my ways with you to see if this may work for you!


Stage 1

Firstly, i get myself 2 A4 Subject poly pocket folders, then i gather all of my notes that i want to study and make do with. i prefer to get a folder with a clear front so you can insert a piece of paper in and title it according to whats in the folder.

Stage 2

I turn all of my notes into mind maps for each topic in the subject, and i ALWAYS use colourful pens to do so as that is proven to help the brain remember things more clearly. i then put those mind maps into one folder, then for my other folder i make up questions from all my notes and insert that (from colourful pens of course) into the second folder and at the back i make an answer sheet just so i can mark my work.

Stage 3

Once my 2 booklets are now complete i can now start my study process.

Study Process

Stage 1

Firstly i read through my Mind map booklet once (of that required subject) then i cover the branches of the mind map and write down as much as i can according to that title

Stage 2

Next, i go over to my question booklet and answer the questions from that subject then i mark it and see how much i got right.

Stage 3

Finally after i have completed my booklets i take one of my past paper books or go online to find past papers and i do a Past Exam Paper according to the subject!

Just remember to repeat this process as much as possible

i hope that helped you find a studying technique!

Good luck with your exams !!!!!!

Be Kind and Have Courage- XOXO Courage

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